Operation Crayate

I love arts and crafts. There’s something about making something with your hands that is so satisfying, even when it ends up looking not so great. Which is a lot in my case.  The problem is people don’t really build stuff with their hands anymore. Why bother when they can build it on an ipad or whatever. This makes me sad. Making stuff with your hands is really fun, and my friends and I wanted to remind people of how fun crayons and a piece of paper was. Operation Crayate.

Wow. Crayons and a piece of paper. You must be so inspired. Well what if you did something different with the crayons, other than merely drawing with it? There’s so much you can do, when you simply look at it differently. How about using them as chopsticks? No? Too toxic. Let’s see, how about making an airplane out of them? Is that too wasteful? How about using crayon for imitation sand art? This time I’m totally serious. Don’t worry I’m not crazy, at least not that crazy.

Making crayon into imitation sand art is really easy, and depending on how you merely create yours supplies, you can create numerous outcomes.

  1. Grate or shave crayons. Separate by color.
  2. Add glue until there is a little more glue than crayon.
  3. Draw a picture.
  4. Add your mixture.
  5. Boom. You have imitation sand art.

My friends and I created a whole batch of these, enough for forty kids. Then we went to an event my different friend was hosting, got the kids to do our new art. Sound simple enough right/ Well that’s until I get into detail of the horror of grating/shaving crayons.

First of all, to make enough for 40 kids, you’ll need a ton of crayons. To have a decent amount you need around 6 crayons per color. And that’s barely passable. Maybe that doesn’t sound a lot to you., wait until the next step.Here comes the really hard part: grating/shaving.

I preferred using a grater, because the resulting crayon pieces was almost powder like. Now depending on what kind of art you’re going for you might prefer different sizes. My friends liked shaving it with a scissor, but I thought that doing it was much longer. Well first you should probably know that unless you are super meticulous with cleaning, that you are sacrificing your grater. But you can just buy a real cheap grater for a couple bucks, or use scissors, which is a thousand times easier to clean. Fortunately for me, my mom let me use the grater. Unfortunately i told her it would be easy to clean, and lets just say her face wasn’t pretty when she saw the grater after I “cleaned” it.

If you are making enough for yourself, this probably won’t be as much of nuisance as having to repeat it again and again for forty kids. First of all, you have to have a big enough grater so that the crayon can actually pass through the holes. Now here’s the first mistake we made. Cheap is always better. We bought crayola crayons, and lets just say they don’t like it when you shred them into pieces. I wonder why? We used three boxes of cheaper crayons, and it was so much easier, it made me cry to look at the pile of crayola I had to work with. I believe the problem was the type of wax crayola was. Maybe it’s more waxy? Well crayola was constantly clogging up the holes in the grater, not because it was too big. It simply liked to clump together in the holes. This forced you to clear and shake the grater every few minutes. It also got stuck all over the other side of the grater. When you use cheap crayons, for some reason it doesn’t clog up the hole, and the outcome of your imitation sand art has no idea if you used a cheap crayon or not. The second, possibly more annoying thing was the resulting powder  you get from grating. Now let me attempt to explain this, but it’ll most likely make no sense. Imagine a pile of confetti. Now pretend you blew on it, and it exploded everywhere. Now imagine you poked it, and it exploded everywhere. That’s exactly what happened with crayola. After I grated, and I gently poked with a piece of paper to push it into a pile, it exploded into the air, creating a very big mess. Oh yeah, not the smartest thing to do on your kitchen table(which of course I didn’t do…). i can’t explain how this happens. the thing was it never exploded with regular not-crayola crayons. Crayola powder also sticks to your hand and is almost impossible to brush off. I think that has something to do with static. Again this was not a problem with cheap crayons. I had to repeat this process so many times, my hand aches just thinking about it. and cleaning the crayon is a nightmare I don’t want to go back to. Let’s just say you need a lot of soap and water.

The next part is, what are the kids supposed to put the crayon on? as you probably know putting too much glue on paper is not so good. So why not cardboard? It was a wonderful idea, but cutting cardboard is extremely tiring. I had to cut out a enough pieces and a little extra in case anyone wanted more. That on top of grating? Don’t be surprise to see my hand permanently swollen.

The first time I used scissors, just to test what the out come would be. The picture is below. Now let me just say it was my first time, and I had no idea what I was doing, so it turned out much better near the end. First of all, I am extremely impatient, and the crayon mixture glue was with hideous before it dried. So I decided to add more shavings on top of the glue mixture. The result wan’t terrible, and the texture was quite fun to touch.Do you know that weird spongy blue carpet thingy on some playgrounds? That is very similar to what it looked like. Later I stuck to the original method of just glue and crayon mixed together, the outcome was quite nice.

Now to the actual event.  We worked with a different group called Project Playday. They were also group that hung out with kids, and we were in charge of the arts and crafts. The problem was that the same day their was also a much bigger event that day. Usually they the organization that Project Playday worked with had a turnout of a hundred people. The turn out we had was probably…ten families. Half of them was under five so they couldn’t do the imitation sand art anyways. All those pieces of cardboard…for forty kids…But it didn’t go to a total waste. we had a total of around twenty volunteers from our school. They were all really excited to do the imitation sand art.

So our Operation Crayate was a success more or less, the age group was just a little off. But to have teenagers interested in crayons and glue, made us more than a little proud.

Here’s the link to a slideshow with more pictures.

Brawl! Bring it On!

My english teacher introduced something new and alien to our class. Debates. We called it brawling. And the way some of the debates went in my class, it was correctly named.

Let me give you a brief briefing of what a brawl is:

  1. Separate into teams of 3-4.
  2. Pick a team name.
  3. You come up with a set of questions per team, where a total of ten is finally chosen.
  4. Your team is set up against another team.
  5. Two representative per team.
  6. Let the Brawl begin!(and please keep your punches to the very end.)

All of our questions were formed from reading the book, All quiet on the Western Front. Analyzing text in order to form questions really brought the importance of the book into bigger light. After reading this book, I am utterly disgusted with war. With all the blood shed, all the lives wasted for no good reason. The book makes looking at wars going on in the world much more real. It makes you actually wonder about the death toll. Yes, before you knew war was bad. but the book makes you really appreciate how important one life is, and how the deaths are truly devastating. This book has truly made me sick of war, and long for the world peace that is currently so far from our grasp.

When we made up the questions, my group talked about it during class. Since we didn’t finish we went home and texted each other. Then I typed all the answers and submitted the questions to my teacher. For answering the debates, my group started off with assigning everyone questions. My friend and I were much faster than the other two, so we ended on moving ahead much faster resulting in each answering more questions. We then went home and put it all on a google doc. For the second round of debates, I made up most of the questions up myself as everyone in my group was busy.

My group’s name is the Humpty Dumpties. We posted to the our class’ hashtag to show our opinions on thing that we could not say during class, or simply to comment on something. For some reason when you look up our hash tag, the tweet doesn’t show up, so here are the unread tweets below.

humMy group’s name is the Humpty Dumpties. We posted to the our class’ hashtag to show our opinions on thing that we could not say during class, or simply to comment on something. For some reason when you look up our hash tag, the tweet doesn’t show up, so here are the unread tweets below.



Now this was my first ever debate so I had mixed feelings about it. One minute I was like this is the best thing in the world and the next I’m like my gosh just let it end. My overall feelings toward brawling was i enjoyed it. I’ll admit it feels good to come up with a comeback and try to be persuading. I may have gotten a little to excited in my comebacks, and by that let’s just say that my teacher compared me to a demon. Hey, I take what I can get. when I’m doing something…I tend to get caught up and there’s no stopping what come out of my mouth. Turns out I was super sassy, and being on the pessimistic side, i sort of see the comparison. While my two opponents are what some might consider odd. Now their oddness against my sassiness led to one of the most heated and hilarious brawl ever. They say that love kept humanity from tearing each other apart, sadly I was on the side of love was only temporary. I had so much fun, and I couldn’t wait to do it again.


Now their were two debates that my group wasn’t apart of, but I’m absolutely dying to answer them, so I will below.

Now this particular debate, made several people in the audience get very agitated and just itching to blurt out what they really thought. It was absolute chaos, it actually reached a point where our class resembled an angry mob, where you could not even hear the brawlers. In a nutshell, the question was do what we learn in school actually help us? For the sake of your understanding I will call the groups Group A and Group B. Group A said that although you may not use everything you learn in school(by that they mean we’ll most likely use about 20% of what we learn in school) but school helped condition our brains, so that in real life we can solve problems quicker and easier. Now Group B’s response was, well can you give an example of when we use something like say the Pythagorean theorem in real life? Well, if you had remembered what I said about the Group A’s response, you will understand what spurred the class on so much. Basically Group A said that what you learned in school may not be used but it builds critical mind analysis, while the Group B kept replying by asking how to use the pythagorean theorem in real life. This debate was not going anywhere. I totally agree with the Group A, but sadly that they had a hard time advocating against such a stubborn opponent that really refused to listen. Well it wasn’t really their opponent’s fault, as she most likely just got caught up in the debate, just like I what happens to me. But everyone was just firing up trying to defend Group A, even though we knew we were no supposed to intervene. Now I can say what I wanted to say so badly then, I agree that many things we learn in school are not used in real life. Why are we bothering with stuff like Algebra when we will never use it. Well if you went through life only knowing your A’s and B’s, how will your mind be able o keep up with difficult problems that life is constantly giving us. Group B also said that their was no real point learning history, well I beg to differ. How is it to not know the history of the world? How your country was created/ Shall we not talk about history at all so later generations can make all our mistakes again? Shall they never know what the Holocaust was? I can list a thousand more reasons what history does for us. Now finally my major, MAJOR thing I have been really needing to say. You want an example of using the pythagorean theorem, math in real life? Well how are buildings made/ How do architects build anything/ How do we program to be able to do things? I suppose they magically just know how to do math. No. We, the humans, first actually have to learn the basics before we invent things like I don’t know, a calculator? An example of using the pythagorean theorem? Well what would you do when you have a right triangle and you already know two of the sides, BUT your Ruler was broken? Well no fear, to satisfy your burning curiosity of how long that third side is, with the pythagorean theorem. Three, half of my built up rant is out.

Brawling went slightly overboard, get it? Cause they’re standing on a table so they’re over…

Now the last question I am dying to answer, had responses from my classmates that made me more than a little afraid. The question that has been around since forever is: “would you rather be loved or feared?” Terrifyingly the majority chose fear. What? Is everyone around me a secret villain that I wasn’t aware of? When your feared, you get what you want? People do what you say without betraying you? Now one girl in my group is super evil and pessimistic. The way she went on about being feared, lets just say I scooted my desk a little farther from hers. Yes, if you are feared, you don’t have to worry about being hurt. Simply put because they are too afraid to betray you. People who think like that are simply trying to build a wall around themselves to block off the hate of the world beneath a shield of fear. Why? Why walk through the world with your guard up? No one will betray you, but no one will love you. What is the point of getting everything you want when you can’t share it with anyone? Living a life where there is no one to miss you when you’re gone. Will you be truly be happy to achieve what you want by living like that? Yes, people will hurt you, but they will also make you laugh and smile, and give you some of the best memories of your life. A person who fears you won’t betray you, that is until someone scarier come along. Yet someone who loves you has your respect and would gladly put their life on the line for you. People in my class say that you can be feared, but you could be respected. Really? Do you honestly think fearing someone and respecting them is the same? Do you respect a bully? I hope not.

I learned many facts from listening to people brawl. One major thing that I was surprised to hear was, people in forced conscription generally did not care.  A survy was taken and people in Korea did not mind. The brawlers said that the forced conscription brought the people together and only lasted 2-3 years. He said they don’t care because it always ha been. Well, in my opinion, just because something has always has been, that doesn’t mean it’s right. But I guess it’s ok, because in Korea, they are at peace at the moment so it doesn’t really matter. But in other countries where they are actually at war, I think forced conscription is just wrong, i mean we all watched Mulan, right? I also heard a song that I  hadn’t hear in a long time, which I thought was nice.

This is the song, it was used to talk about the importance of every life.

A technique  saw a girl use, when both sides of the debate were on the same side, that made her debate sound that much better. She said,” I get what your saying, and your idea backs up what we were saying earlier.’ Not only did she take what the other team used, but she made it sound like it originally stemmed from her group’s idea. That was totally ingenious, and I’m going to use that in my next debate. Observing other people debate has really helped me improve my own debate. I can see what works and what doesn’t work, and can modify my debate skills accordingly.

Brawling(debating) is really fun. Except I hate it when both teams are on the same side, then everything sort of just plummets. I wonder if I like debating so much because I’m learning—or because I love arguing. Brawling helps you understand books in a much better essay than simply analyzing it in the normal way. And by normal way, I mean staring at it until you understand it. Or if you are simply brawling random questions, it helps build up your arguing skills. If you have trouble with quick comebacks, I recommend intensive Brawling Training. Brawling is good for school, and getting to rant about a topic.

Flashback to Blogging

When this school year started out, I was first introduced to blogging. Many of my classmates had mixed reactions. I was on the side of cool, I can write random stories and get a grade for it. I also love telling stories, but sadly my stories tend to be so long that nobody wants to listen. I don’t know why. In my opinion they are totally worth sitting and listening for thirty minutes, right? Well, sadly not everyone appreciates my talent of story telling, so a blog was the perfect way to put down all my untold stories.

One problem. It turns out that people don’t want to read long stories anymore than they want to listen to them. That was a big downer on getting my story out there. I’ll admit that when my blog started, I was not as good as writing as I am now. Because I’m wonderful now, right? We learned many writing techniques, such as ways to hook our readers, close our stories, and so on. I actually really enjoyed working on this, because I knew that my writing needed and still needs tons of improvement.

One major thing I struggled with was pictures. On my gosh, just thinking about finding pictures for this blog makes me irritated. First of all, finding pictures that look big enough for your blog post is extremely hard. Plus, when you add the picture in your post, it looks wonderful. Then you publish it, sees what it really looks like, and it turns out your picture diminishes in half. But, that is one problem I have solved, for I learned how to look for large pictures just today actually. I will explain for those poor miserable people who struggle with computers just like me. This is if you are using google images.

  1. type something in google images.
  2. There should be an option next to images that says search tools.
  3. Click on it, and pick your settings.




Another problem dealing with pictures is dealing to make sure its not copyrighted. When my teacher talked about how they would shut down our blog if they cut a copyrighted picture, that really scared me. Then I spent like five hours trying to decide what picture to use. I finally finished the blog with completely legal pictures. For later pictures, when I suspect something I would check the picture out. But mostly I(don’t tell anyone) I would just use the picture without checking if its copyrighted. I know, a ridiculous gamble. Using pictures that are legal is something I still struggle with, and is something I’m planning to improve on, I mean I could have my whole blog shut down! Hopefully I will be able to find legal images quicker.

Besides pictures, something I constantly was terrible at was publicizing my blog. I have no shame to admit that before this year I had no social media account whatsoever. So at first I really struggled simply with the option on the side of the blog post. Tags and Categories. What the heck is that? I mean I get tagging, but I still don’t quite completely understand what it does. DO you categorize each of your blog posts, and when something different pops up…you come up with a new category? Would categorizing make my blog post that musch easier to be reached by the public, well according to my English teacher it does. But I still son’t see how. Nw on to other social media devices. I would say the most trying is twitter.  As most of you know twitter has a limit of only 140 characters. For someone who struggles to keep their blog under 1000 words. Lets just say me and twitter don’t get along too well


What went really well for me was deciding what to blog about. As I’ve said before, I have a hundred untold stories, so I merely take one and put on my blog. I know tons of kids in my class who moan on and on about having nothing to blog about, but I don’t struggle with that. In addition, which is sort of a problem built off of that one, was people never have enough words for their blog posts. I have quite the opposite problem. Another thing I really love about blogging, is often times when you are in a writing mood your writing juices just flow, and you write something that when you go back and look at your past blog posts, and your like woah, did I write that? Sometime with fascination, often with horror.  One thing that makes me really happy, although it happens rarely in my case, is I simply love when someone comments on my post. Likes are nice, but when someone comments it makes me feel…all happy and warm and bubbly inside.

One of my favorite blog posts, is the one I did about camping. It’s not my favorite because of my writtng skills or any of that, but because it is probably the longest and most epic story of my life that took the span of two days. It was so long I actually had to separate it into two blogs.

below is a picture from that blog post of when I was camping 

Although these two aren’t my favorite, they are most certaintly my most well written, at least in my opinion.

      The first one is called Heroes to The Rescue. What I love about this blog is it is entirely true. And its about me, so of course you should read it.

I “have always wanted to be a hero”

but it didn’t play out even close to what my imagination expects a hero to be treated like.

      The second one is called The Little Bird. It really is my saddest blog, which also happens to be another true story, so I don’t recommend reading this if you don’t want to ruin your happy mood.

The first thing I saw was the nest. Broken. 

Two other blog post of mine that I enjoy reading,that I wrote near Christmas time was:

I Let it snow, but It Won’t 

Laughing in the Rain.

I really just want to say before I move on, is that all of my blog post is a story is a true story or it conveys my true feelings about a topic.

What I absolutely recommend(though this advice is usually never listened to) is do not do your blog last minute. Your post usually ends up terrible, makes no sense, and is really quite pitiful. I have some blog post that I did very last minute and the poor effort is so visible you can practically see the F on it already. Another thing I find quite easy for me is, if you don’t have any ideas, blog about a book. not only is this super easy, it helps your readers have some very good book choices they should read.

There was this one point in my blogging time of this year that my English teacher had us submit the blogs online, then he went through pointed out mistakes, then we posted the actual thing around two days later. Not only was the advice super helpful, but having time to fix your blog made it a lot better. I would also recommend assigning more peer reading. I think that students should read a blog post every week, of their own choice. This brings views to other bloggers, and it really just improves your writing that much better by looking a other peoples. I believe that continuing a writing focus each week is super useful and helpful.

Blogging has brought new voice to my writing. I have broken out of the school’s careful constructed essay where everyone is the same, boring and monotonous. My voice was in my writing before, but blogging has helped me bring it out even further. All the writing techniques has helped improve my writing, and help me learn where all my weaknesses are. I am also much better at using my computer(I mean I’m actually typing) and social media is not so foreign or hated by me anymore. All these newly acquired skills will definitely help me in the future that involves writing(which I’m guessing, call me crazy, but alot of things) such as resumes. If anything, blogging has helped me learn how to turn on my computer(I assure you,  I am mostly sarcastic)

If you are blogging for your class, don’t think about it as a chore. Think about it as a hobby. You are leaving a virtual journal of your thoughts that can be looked at by anyone in the world. You yourself can look back at your blogs when your eighty(assuming aliens haven’t taken over by then) and look at this journal of your younger self. Blogging is the first taste of what it means to spread your ideas into the world.

Spring:The Season of New Beginnings and Change

Change…I have always disliked changes in my daily life. I guess its that uncomfortable feeling of something different, something different in your life. Yet, without change, life would be…well it would simply be plain boring. This blog post not only perfectly captures the feelings of change, but it also reassures those who fear it. Accompanied by beautiful pictures, this blog post is the helping hand you need to take a tiny step out of your comfort shell into the constantly changing world.

I'm Not A Xue


                   “Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart.”-Victor Hugo

Spring. Allergy Season. The transition into summer. Whatever name you give it, spring is currently my favorite season.

I say that because it will change. Flash forward a few months and then SUMMER will be my favorite season, because its a transition from the flowers and the growing sprouts that peek out of the ground to warm sunny beach days and ice cream. It’s a refreshing change.

Change is good. Its the flowers growing out of the cracks, the green grass, and the smell of fresh rain on the concrete. Because spring is the essence of change. It’s a new beginning, a fresh start. So much is changing in a blink of an eye. It’s all happening so fast at such a rapid rate.

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No More Democracy: No More America

My school is having a political crisis. I know, I know. Whaat? A school having a political crisis. Don’t worry you don’t need new glasses, it actually says that. My school has done something, without really considering the students’ point of view. Maybe they did consider the students’ point of view, but they had the entirely wrong way of telling us. It wasn’t like they kept it a secret, but they didn’t exactly tell it to us either. Our school wasn’t completly aware of the situation until our form of the news brought it to our attention. Suddenly people are furious, talking trash about the student council, accusing things behind their back, generally very mad. For our school had done the unforgetable. The unforgivable. They got rid of something that was the first act of tyranny. They got rid of our Democracy.

They took away our voting rights. They disregard the public opinion. They form a republic bordering on tyranny. What our school has decided to do was stop student elections. They had a much better idea. Why not just chose the members of board from our own senate? Why not choose the people from senate, whom we ourselves have decided who is qualified? Why not chose who we think is best? Nevermind the public, what do they know? Our ASB has decided to chose their own people. Those tyrants! They took away your liberty, yet you sit here and blog about it? Have you no sense of democracy? Have you no sense of people’s rights?

Yeah, I mean our student council took away our voting priviledges, but they also had, I’ll admit it, a pretty good reason for doing that. People simply have stopped running for board. Our student board has five positions, and two years ago we had exactly—five people running. Gee, I wonder if they’ll get on board. Do you see the logic behing their taking of our liberty? What is the point of voting, it you only have one candidate per position?

But, that was just that one year. How can you decide something like that based off of one year? Our student council should’ve done the obvious thing. Why had they not let us, the people, choose? Why didn’t they ask us first if we minded? Because they feared, no they knew we would never agree. Who would vote to have their rights taken away? Who would vote to have their voice taken away/ I mean, as it is we barely have any voice in government. This small voting system gives us a sense of pride, it makes us feel like we’re taking an actual part of the school.

What would happen if we let the school continue to do this? What would happen if those people on board thought it was ok to live a life without liberty? What if we all left the school thinking that? We would begin to tear at the belief of democracy in our nation. They would believe that maybe, the people’s voice isn’t so important. If we let this continue, we would break down what our country values the most. People’s liberty. Their opinions. What the people want. By taking away our democracy, they take away our pride to be an American.

Words Are Confusing

The American language is very weird. Their are so many exceptions on rules, and words that sound the same, but they are spelled different. And there are words that look the same, but they mean different things. American words are very weird.

disgruntled: This means to be unhappy. How come we have disgruntled, but we don’t have gruntled? Shouldn’t gruntled mean happy?
origin: we got disgruntled from pigs. The person who invented the word was in an extremly bad mood when he ran into a bunch of pigs.

swag: literally meaning a curtain, so if you’re saying someone has swag…Thanks, I’ve always thought I looked like a curtain.

kids: this word used to mean goats. Now it’s used to describe young children. I read a book one time, Sandra’s Circle, and they said a “kid” was the “slang” term for small child. I guess what used to be slang just caught on.

extraordinary: this does not mean that you are extra boring or plain, it means that you are so past ordinary, your extraordinary. You’re basically awesome.
origin: a girl was insulting her older brother and said that he was EXTRA ordinary. A passing parent misunderstood and took it as a compliment.

sick: being ill
boy: ”Man, that is so sick!”
doctor: “I’m here.”

There’s also the problem with verbs:
sit,sat, have sitten
kit, kat, have kitten
drink, drank, drunken, or is it drought, or is it dranken…
see, seek, sought
bee, beak,  bought

Then there are the words that are pronounced differently for some reason.
Like synonyms and cinnamon(they’re actually the same word, (And no I’m not serious,I’m being sarcastic))
Tomatoes: Pronounced TOE-May-Toes, or Ta-Mah-Toes

Another weird thing about the American language, is you can make up any word. Once you get that word popularized, maybe next year, it’ll be added to the dictionary. Take Dr.Seuss for example, he makes up like a gazillion word in his stories, yet somehow they all make sense.

This really amazes me. It’s hard for me to believe, but there are still word out there that don’t exist in the American language, but exist in other countries. I don’t know, I feel like there should be a word for everything, but that would get really complicated. There are alos words that aren’t there yet, words for stuff that hasn’t been invented.

I think the American language is totally confusing, but I can’t wait to see what new words we are going to come up with int the following years. Maybe a word for the birth of new words, or does that already exist? Probably.

Kids, Don’t Underestimate Them…You’ll Be Sorry

Kids. No one ever respects kids. They are looked down upon, joked about. What can they know, with their limited years of experience. Even when you’re little, if you’re one year older, you consider yourself superior.

Adults, teenagers, kids, they all look down upon those younger than them. I mean, sure they techinically do have more experience, but does that doesn’t mean they always know better. People hate to be contradicted, especially from someone younger than them.

Kids! The nerve, acting like they know better. But sometimes they do know better. Things we were taught, could be outdated and replaced with new knowledge that had not existed when we were then. For example, customarily how do you cover your nose when you sneeze? You usually sneeze into your sleeve right? That’s the best way to protect other people from germs.

Well what if you try to teach your kid that, but they argue that, no, sneezing in your sleeve wasn’t the best way. What…Of course it’s the best way, people have been doing that since just about forever…Until, of course someone came up with a new way. Elementary school kids are being taught to sneeze inside their shirt. Gross! All the boogies and mucus, splattering everywhere! That can’t be hygenic, what on earth are you teaching my kids? Well the whole point of actually covering your nose is to prevent germs from affecting other people. Sure sneezing into your arm stops some of the germs from spreading, but it doesn’t stop all of them. What actually happens is the germs fly over and under your arm, the majority flying on other people. Sneezing into your shirt however, keeps most of the germs inside, only touching you. After all, are you going to get sick from your own germs? No! Do you see what I mean about not always being right? Well, if you didn’t I hope you learned a new way to sneeze.

People are always saying, oh don’t worry they don’t understand, or they don’t know. Not true. Kids understand a lot more than people think they’re capable of. I don’t know if you remember, but I hated when adults would laugh at your mistakes, maybe saying it was cute. Well it’s not nice to be laughed at, no matter what age you are. Imagine laughing at a highschooler when they messed up. I hope your black eye doesn’t hurt too bad.

Of course, there is also another, more scary reason why you shouldn’t underestimate children. Children can be evil. Very evil. Of course I would be too. How could you put that adorable little kid in jail, he’s only a little kid. Hmm…ONLY a little kid, not the smartest choice of words with an evil kid in your house. They could also be evil geniuses. Watched any movies lately? Well there is always a kid who has an absolute megamind, but people just think they’re being silly. No cover is best for a villain as being underestimated. Afterall, if your underestimated, they’ll never see what hit them.

Of course, there is also another, more scary reason why you shouldn’t underestimate children. Children can be evil. Very evil. Of course I would be too. How could you put that adorable little kid in jail, he’s only a little kid. Hmm…ONLY a little kid, not the smartest choice of words with an evil kid in your house. They could also be evil geniuses. Watched any movies lately? Well there is always a kid who has an absolute megamind, but people just think they’re being silly. No cover is best for a villain as being underestimated. Afterall, if your underestimated, they’ll never see what hit them.

Don’t underestimate kids. You don’t like it when people underestimate you, why do it to them. Try to picture yourself in their tiny shoes, it’s annoying when those giant people act like a know-it-all. Of course if your empathy isn’t working, just rememeber Stewie from Family guy, Artemis Fowl, Mathilda…Oh, you want real people? Just type in child geniuses, brace yourself when you realize how many are out there…If you underestimate kids, I would barricade my doors, because they’re coming after you.

The World Doesn’t Revolve Around you, Or Does It?

I smelled the sweet scent of funnel cake. I heard people screaming and little kids whining. I shifted impatiently from foot to foot as I stared at the unmoving line in front of me. “Almost there,” I thought. I was outside an amusement park, waiting to enter. I looked at my friends who were all bouncing up and down in anticipation. I couldn’t suppress another groan. We weren’t even in yet and I was already tired. Don’t get me wrong. I love amusement parks, and it was totally worth it. But just because it was worth it didn’t mean I enjoyed waiting. I looked around, wondering if everyone was as annoyed as I was. I saw an old man walking by, when suddenly these two teenagers ran by, nearly knocking him over! I would’ve rushed towards the old man if there hadn’t already been a small concerned crowd forming. I fumed looking at the teenagers, still running, oblivious to everything outside of themselves. I mean knocking over someone is bad enough, but knocking an OLD person over, and not even apologizing, that’s just despicable. It amazes me how some people never seem to notice, or care about other people. I looked at the old man, he seemed fine…even smiling.

Well, if it was me I would be doing a lot more than smiling. Probably saying a few…comments at the teenagers.  He shooed the crowd away, saying he was fine, and that kids will be kids. That made me all the more furious. Not only did they knock over an old man, but they knocked over a super nice old man, who already forgave them, although they deserved no forgiveness.

“That’ll be eight dollars.” I looked up in confusion, noticing that during my little mental rant that the line had forward, and I was at the front. The ticket guy stuck his hand out impatiently, as I hastily dug out the money. I decided to forget the boys and have a good time. I wouldn’t let them ruin my day.

It was getting dark, and I decided to go on my last ride. This ride had a relatively short line, which was surprising because it looked like a super fun one. It took me high in the sky. Then it began to spin. I laughed enjoying it, but soon the world tuned into a spinning blur, revolving around me.

They always tell you the world doesn’t revolve around you. Or does it? Well, in my opinion it does. The world  revolves around you, don’t look to closely, you’ll get dizzy. Here’s an example. Stand up. Look at the world around you. Everything is around you, spin, the world revolves with you. From any person’s perspective it would seem that the world revolved around you, right? Everything is centered around you. That’s perfectly normal to think that. But just because the world revolve around you, that doesn’t mean that you are the only important person in the world. Imagine if all the planets were all stuck in their own revolution, never paying attention to other planets, ending up crashing into each other. No, that would be horrible. Never be so absorbed into your own life, that you completely block others off.Picture yourself like the sun. All the planets revolve around you, yet your light sustains them and gives them life.  Just because the world revolves around you, doesn’t mean it’s beneath you to reach your light out and help.

Heroes to the Rescue

Heroes. I’ve always wanted to be a hero. Often times I would picture someone breaking into school, then me, the hero would save everyone. Of course, one part of me really hopes that never happens, another part hopes I get to play the part of being a hero. I have very mixed feelings on that topic. I know that in real life, being a hero, means that someone is in danger, and that is the big downside of rescuing the world thing. I would save someone, though it wasn’t exactly what I had imagined being a hero would be.

I heard laughing and screaming and splashing. The sun was beating down, yet I was shivering in the cold pool. I always think its a great idea to swim, but I always end up a shivering mess. I suggest a game to play as that always seems to warm me up. We set the rules for the game. We would see who could tread water the longest without using their arms. It was really fun, and the effort we were forced to use definitely warmed me up. I had to keep in constant motion though, or I  would cool down, and once again wonder why I got in the pool. It was my turn at the goggles, so I did a few laps underwater. I saw the older kids hanging out in the deep side, while the smaller kids hung to the wall, or the shallow side. We screamed and began a game of tag that involved a lot of splashing and half drowning each other. I grabbed the wall panting as the goggles were thrown to me. I swam to the middle of the pool, treading and looking around. I was about to dive under, when I thought I heard a scream. I looked around, deciding I imagined it, when I heard it again. This time however I saw something at the corner of my eyes.

With all the flailing bodied above water, I wasn’t sure of what I saw. I dived underwater where I saw something puzzling. I saw my seven year old cousin underwater, moving real funny like, trying to reach above his head. For a second I thought he was playing that treading game we were doing before. I heard him give a little cry under water, then it finally dawned on me… He was drowning! I swam towards him and grabbed his arms. I tried to pull him up, but he was really heavy. One thing I conveniently forgot, I was ridiculously short for my age, and he was gigantically big for his. He weighed at least ten pounds more than me. Another thing my burning lungs reminded me, I should’ve taken a deep breath before I swam to him.

I looked above me, I needed air. Now.  He was clinging to my arms desperately, but I knew if I didn’t get air soon, we would both need saving. I know, I know, one of the first things they teach you is never try to save someone yourself, because they would most likely drown you too. Except you don’t really think about stuff like that when you see someone drowning. I pulled at his arms and  managed to shove him off, and swam to the surface. I took a deep gulp of beautiful air, and dived back under. I hooked my arms under his armpit, and began dragging him up. Sadly I’m not the strongest swimmer, and I was struggling with his heavy bulk. We were almost to the surface, but not quite yet. I pushed his butt, and his head popped above water. I swam up and grabbed the wall beside him, panting almost as hard as he was. His eyes were red, and he looked like he was going to cry to death. I looked around, surprised that everyone was just screaming and splashing as though nothing has happened. In reality the whole almost dying thing was probably only about thirty seconds. I was glad I had my goggles on, because if I hadn’t I never would have noticed him through all the bodies. I called his sister over, and she was like no way! Then after fussing over him for like a minute, she swam away. He stayed at the wall for another minute, and he too swam away, to the shallow end. I was a bit…confused. Did I not just save a life? Why was everything so…normal? I told his mom, but she was like oh no, then oh well, he’s alright now. I sat in the water confused. I saved a life, I was a hero, I was extremely proud of myself, yet no one seemed to care, or even believe me. My dejection and pride conflicted with each other. I tried to convince myself that I was a hero, and I did an excellent job.

 But instead of like Hercules where it was “zero to hero” I was more along the lines of “hero to zero.” Whatever. I saved a life, a person, not in my head, in real life. A REAL, LIVE person. I was a hero, that was enough, or that’s what I told myself.